Rules for the forum - Please Read!!

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Re: Rules for the forum - Please Read!!

Post by Ang_Mac on Thu Mar 17, 2016 8:05 am

Read and agreed. Code word Chariot.


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Rules for the forum - Please Read!!

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 13, 2016 11:44 am

PLEASE NOTE THERE WILL BE A HIDDEN WORD IN THE RULES THAT I WOULD LIKE YOU TO RESPOND WITH, SO WE KNOW YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD THE RULES, We want to make this a happy friendly place. Thankyou. Ps the word will change from time to time so don't copy someone elses word as there will be no notice if the word has been changed.

The Karamic Tarot Teaching Forum is dedicated to the purpose and the pleasure of learning, sharing knowledge, insight and appreciation of Tarot. To maintain our Forum as a friendly and educational area for everyone, please follow our rules when participating.

The short form of our rules:

1. Respect other members.
2. Respect our moderators.
3. No copyright infringement.
4. No spamming or advertising.
5. No free reading requests.
6. Stay on topic or start a new thread.
7. Feedback MUST be given in return for help with readings.

The long form:

Respect Our Members

We are a Tarot-focused discussion forum for people of varying ages, nationalities, cultures, spiritualities and Tarot beliefs. Please write in clear English, remember your Netiquette, and read over your messages before posting in order to avoid possible misunderstandings.
Play nice while you're here. We ask that you refrain from discussing political topics: having a worldwide membership, we also have a diverse range of political opinion.
No flaming, baiting, insults, mocking, harassment or solicitation of other members on the forum in posts or images, or via private message. Lack of respect for other members our these rules will result in post removal and/or temporary or permanent suspension of all member privileges.
No Advertising or Self-Promotion
We work hard to maintain and improve this forum and we'd rather not have our members or traffic diverted to other sources. Therefore, we don't allow self-promoting, advertising, or soliciting visitors to your own or an affiliated website, forum, mailing list, service, product, workshop, conference, auction, etc, either via posts, threads, email, or private message.
All advertising will be removed unless you have express written permission from administration, with these exceptions:
You are a Forum subscriber posting in the Advertisements forum;
You are a Tarot deck creator posting in the Tarot Deck Creation or Tarot Decks boards;
You are an Oracle creator posting in the Oracles board, or a Lenormand creator posting in the Lenormand Deck Creation boards;
You are a Tarot author posting in the Tarot Books & Media forum;
You have a Tarot-related product and you are responding to a directly relevant thread or question. Caution: multiple posts of this nature may be considered self-promotion.
Signatures may be used for reasonable self-promotion or advertising of your own works, products, or website only. Payment for signatures, spamming in order to increase visibility of a signature, or attempts to circumvent normal forum rules via a signature may result in signature deletion, post removal or a ban.
Spam, affiliate links, email addresses, and links to other forums will be removed from posts, threads, or signatures without notice. Posts including Amazon links may be altered to include Aeclectic Tarot's affiliate ID.
No fundraising, money raising or soliciting donations. While many members on the forum may have personal needs or worthy causes to promote, we have no way to verify the need or use of any collection of funds. For this reason we don't allow members to ask for money or donations of any kind (time, materials, items or objects) either for themselves, their families, or other causes.
Post in the Right Place
First, use the search feature. Your question might have been answered - there may already be a whole thread on the topic.
Make an effort to find the most suitable board for your question, so you will receive more replies. Don't cross-post or repeat the same message in more than one board.
Summarise the topic of your thread in your subject line. This way, it takes fewer clicks to see what your message is about, and it assists everyone else (including you) in finding the thread again later.
Threads that are off-topic for their board may need to be moved to a subscriber-only forum, where a non-subscriber cannot view their thread.
Stay On-Topic
Asking a new question deep within a thread, that isn't directly related to the original topic? Post it in a new thread so everyone can follow the discussion.
Tempted to diverge into an unrelated tangent while deep in a thread? Show good manners and move your discussion to a more appropriate area.
Avoid meta-discussion, which is discussing the discussion you're having.- the word you should respond is Chariot. Instead of talking about the thread or post itself while you're posting in it, stick to the original topic. Any concerns about our policies, rules or guidelines should be sent privately to a moderator or to administration for handling.
Quality, Not Quantity

Keep personal conversation to Private Messaging . If your conversation is directed at one other person and is of no interest to anyone else - take it to private messaging.

Respect Our Moderators & Forum Policies

Respect for members also extends to the moderators. Karamic Tarot's moderators are volunteers and often have to deal with challenging situations and differing views when maintaining our community, and the vast majority of the time they do a great job. You can help our moderators out by using the Post Report tool, the exclamation mark in the corner of every post, if you see something violating these rules or needing attention.
Any queries, concerns, arguments or discussion about a moderator's decisions, actions or behaviour may not be discussed in public. You may instead contact the moderator in private, or administration if the situation is unable to be resolved. Threats, abuse or profanity directed at moderators will result in a suspension or permanent ban.
Forum policies or rules are not to be discussed on the forum in any manner. Disagreement or suggestions for changes may instead be sent directly to administration for consideration.
Respect Copyright
You may post a short text excerpt only from articles by another author. Complete works may not be posted unless you have obtained written permission for its reproduction.
Posts from other forums may not be reproduced without written permission from the author and forum administration.
No Impersonations
Be yourself. No duplicate member accounts or multiple personas. Creating multiple accounts or impersonating another person or member in order to solicit information or gain access to the forum will result in a permanent ban.
Keep It Legal
This should go without saying: do not post any messages that are knowingly false or misleading, obscene, profane, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, invasive of someone's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any laws.
Our Disclaimer
Forum administration reserves the right to delete, edit, close or move any thread or post, at any time.
Accounts will not be deleted, though personal information will be removed and accounts set to inactive upon request. Requests for mass post deletion will be denied in the interests of maintaining thread integrity. Deletion of individual posts will be handled at the discretion of administration and/or moderators.
By posting on the Karamic Tarot Teaching Forum, you retain copyright of your images and words, but you give permission to
Karamic Tarot to reproduce your posts in digital format; for example, when managing threads and posts or copying the database to another server.

The above Forum Rules are intended to be a general guide, and are not exhaustive. We reserve the right to change these rules at any time, and to take actions in the interest of the wider Karamic Tarot Teaching Forum to remove disruptive members and/or posts.
Above all, use your maturity and common sense when participating in the Karamic Tarot Teaching Forum, and enjoy talking about Tarot.


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